MRK Roadmap to your own campus network

MRK at the BREKO regional group Saxony

MRK presents to members of the BREKO Landesgruppe Sachsen the MRK´s Roadmap for their own campus network based on their experience and expertise in the area of ​​5G mobile communications and their own campus network in the MRK Business Park Torgau.

MRK Media AG is a long-term member of the Federal Association of Broadband Communication e.V. (BREKO). Due to the high demand and interest of its members, MRK Media AG was invited to present a lecture on 5G mobile communications and local campus network solutions to the members of the Saxony state group.

The background to this is that MRK Media AG, as one of the first companies in Germany and in particular Saxony, is the holder of a so-called campus network license from the Federal Network Agency in the 3,700 to 3,800 MHz range in the coverage area of ​​the MRK Business Park Torgau.

Although MRK interaction with districts, municipalities, cities, authorities and companies shows that there is great interest and demand for individual campus network solutions, as of 01.2021 only 102 companies across Germany have applied for their own campus network (see picture).

The MRK therefore presented to the interested audience its roadmap for its own local campus network, and then answered and discussed technical questions from the participants.


Are you interested in the potential of 5G applications or your own campus network? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! We develop targeted and suitable campus network solutions for your requirements and support you from project initiation to project closure.