This project aims to improve the current broadband supply in the underserved areas of the district with the help of a fiber optic network infrastructure (FTTB/H) and to close existing supply gaps sustainably and comprehensively, particularly in commercial and residential areas. As part of the broadband expansion, around 16,000 buildings and 1,400 kilometers of underground construction will be connected to the fiber optic network.

MRK Media AG is responsible for the following tasks:

As part of this project to expand the fiber optic network infrastructure (FTTB/H) in the district of Uelzen, MRK Media AG is primarily responsible for HOAI service phases 4-9 for

  • Approval planning
  • implementation planning,
  • Preparation of the award of the construction works,
  • Support and organization of the contract award,
  • Site supervision (site management and local construction supervision) and
  • site supervision,

as well as project management of the project throughout the above-mentioned phases.