The aim of the project is to provide the district with its own, eligible, district-wide fiber optic network in order to offer all residents of the Lake Constance district optimal and cost-effective access to high-speed Internet in the future and to connect the outlying hamlets of the district to the fiber optic network.

Main tasks of MRK Media AG:

  • Data acquisition
  • Coordination of the project
  • Planning of the backbone network and local network planning
  • Communication and coordination of deadlines with all stakeholders

MRK Media AG is supported in the planning by the company atesio. All synergies with upcoming construction measures and existing infrastructure of municipal utilities and telecommunications companies are taken into account. The planning is being carried out in accordance with the funding guidelines of the VwV broadband funding regulation of 01.08.2015 in order to provide the district with a broadband network that is eligible for funding.

MRK Media AG is very pleased with the positive attitude of all those involved in the project and looks forward to continuing its excellent cooperation with the responsible parties in the Lake Constance district, Komm.Pakt.Net, atesio and all representatives of the 23 municipalities in the Lake Constance district.