The district of Erding has commissioned MRK to provide consulting and planning services for 11 participating municipalities in accordance with point 3.3 of the BMVI guideline “Funding to support broadband expansion in the Federal Republic of Germany”.

As part of the consulting services, the technical possibilities and cooperation potential for NGA development will be examined. In this context, the services are provided that are assigned to the sample service profile “Economic efficiency assessment based on a study”.

The economic viability of broadband expansion is analyzed in accordance with the Federal Directive. The result determines whether the economic viability gap model or the operator model is to be used. In advance, a decision is made with the decision-maker as to which municipalities in the district of Munich the consulting and planning services should relate to.

A recommendation for action is then drawn up for the selected project areas based on the expansion variant developed. All documents required to apply for infrastructure funding from federal and state funds are thus prepared.

In the meantime, all participating municipalities have been promised infrastructure funding from the federal government and the Free State of Bavaria.