As part of the FTTB master plan with the recorded current Internet supply, a cost estimate and various scenarios of the subsidized, area-wide FTTB expansion, the city of Leonberg will be provided with a decision-making aid for possible membership of the regional association of the “Gigabit Region Stuttgart”.

In addition, the city of Leonberg will be shown how individual areas and buildings can be connected with the help of the “special call for commercial areas” and “special call for schools and hospitals”. As part of the special funding programs for schools and hospitals, it makes sense to expand the schools in terms of planning the school network. This involves creating a basic network and laying material for later expansion. This saves civil engineering costs. In the case of the eligibility of commercial areas, further commercial enterprises can register as underserved and thus achieve eligibility for funding for individual commercial areas. The same synergy effects as with the special program for schools and hospitals are associated with the subsidized expansion of commercial areas.

Furthermore, MRK Media AG advises the city of Leonberg to lay empty conduits in line with the master plan in upcoming construction projects in order to save on subsequent civil engineering measures.