The planning for the mining town of Ehrenfriedersdorf (federal state of Saxony) is currently at the end of service phase 5 (implementation planning) in accordance with HOAI. In accordance with the previous service phases, MRK Media AG has already submitted initial planning drafts to the town of Ehrenfriedersdorf and has already obtained almost all the necessary approvals.

A total route length of approx. 30 km is currently assumed. Two main distributors (PoP) and 35 passive network distributors, which are distributed across the entire townscape, were planned. This was done in close coordination with the developer. The aim was to connect the approx. 900 so-called “white spots” (underserved areas with <30Mbit) with fiber optics.

In the next step, MRK Media AG will support the property developer with its existing technical “know-how” in the tendering process to find a suitable civil engineering company for the realization of the project.

Possible co-locations with various utility companies in the expansion area are currently being examined.

One of the most important aspects during the construction phase, which is scheduled to start in fall 2020 (as of March 2020), is the handling of excavated soil, as this is contaminated to an above-average degree in and around Ehrenfriedersdorf due to the mining history, including arsenic.

At this point, MRK Media AG welcomes the good cooperation and communication with the mining town and the responsible authorities.

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