MRK is preparing a scientific study on the topic of “New connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT connectivity solutions)” on behalf of the Federal Network Agency.

The Internet of Things (IoT) essentially stands for the concept of a world networked with the Internet and describes the provision and exchange of information about objects or with objects from a distance. There are many different IoT connectivity standards worldwide, some of which are adapted to specific requirements and areas of application.

On behalf of the Federal Network Agency, MRK Media AG and MRK Management Consultants GmbH have conducted a study on the topic of IoT.

This included an overview of more than 15 common IoT connectivity standards, including 5G, Narrowband IoT, LoRaWAN, UWB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread and DASH7 and many more, and a description of their respective quality parameters, properties and areas of application.

Using six examples, including smart parking and Car2Car communication, typical applications and areas of use, functionalities, quality parameters, possible business models and assessments of the safety and security aspects of standards were described.

Finally, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the spread in Germany and worldwide was carried out. Among other things, annual growth rates and the main drivers of this growth were presented and analyzed by sector, e.g. Industry 4.0, automotive industry or smart city / smart home, and country groups, e.g. Europe, North America, India or South Asia, up to the year 2030.

MRK advises and supports its clients on many current topics and challenges: Smart City / Smart Regions, Big Data, Smart Data, digitization, intelligent transport systems, attractive and efficient public transport, Internet of Things conception, planning and construction of 5G campus networks, 5G workshops for municipal representatives and much more.

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